Services / Products Offered

At BIK Capital, our experienced research team carries out macroeconomic, equities and fixed income research with an aim of offering our clients the best advice possible when transacting in shares and fixed income securities. We believe in a top-down approach to evaluating equities hence our emphasis on analysing the key macroeconomic indicators. When focusing on equities, we favor fundamental analysis over technical analysis. This involves building financial models where our projections are guided by the regular interaction, we have with the respective company managements. We have a dedicated bonds desk at BIK Capital that offers services like: Fixed income, Government Primary Bonds Auction, Secondary Market Trading, and many more. Explore Below

  • 01 - Government Primary Bonds Auction

  • BIK Capital offers investment advice on Treasury Bond Primary issues using informed insight on interest rates movements and market sentiment in the money market to meet the varied objectives of our clients.

  • 02 - Secondary Market Trading

  • BIK Capital facilitates the buying and selling of existing treasury and corporate bonds in the secondary market on behalf of our clients in the Ugandan market.

  • 03 - Equities

  • BIK Capital is a licensed broker therefore facilitates buys and sells shares on behalf of clients in the Ugandan market and is exploring partnering with other brokers to do the same in other jurisdictions. We provide guidance to our clients driven by our research recommendations. This service is provided to a wide range of clients including both local and foreign fund managers, hedge funds and insurance companies as well as high net worth and retail clients. We are also but for the future working on mobile trading platform that will be available is on Windows, Android, Apple and other smartphones and tablets. Additionally, we will also provide online share trading to make trading easy, fast and convenient allowing our clients to never miss a trading opportunity if they have funds to invest.

  • 04 - Sponsoring services

  • BIK Capital will also play an important role of ensuring new issues get the approvals they need from the regulators whilst making the process seamless for the issuer. We will work with other providers to ensure successful completion of such projects and that feedback is provided timely through the proper channels at all times.

    As a lead sponsoring broker, we ensure:

    We get the approvals from the necessary exchanges

    We prepare the equity or debt prospectus for the investors

    We market the deal and create awareness to the investors

    Manage the road show schedule

    We liaise with Lead transaction advisors; offer our input on the Information Memorandum

    We advise on the proper timing of the issue to market

    Provide after sale service